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In just one day, we can make sure that when it’s the next generation’s turn to take over the world, they’re ready. Join with us, and provide a day of Launch services for a young person in your community. Donate at or give through our secure Facebook page.

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They Need Us. We Need You.

Our mission is to create a safe, supportive environment for young leaders to grow. Our fun, experiential curriculum opens young people up to discover who they are. And the need for that environment gets more pronounced all the time.

We asked 500 high school age students to tell us the toughest things facing their generation.

We struggle with communication, face to face. We all have confidence behind a screen, not so much when it comes to confrontation.

We are almost getting used to terrible things happening, so we aren’t as phased by them as we should be.

Unrealistic standards and too high of expectations due to social media and peer pressure.

Deciding who we want to be. There’s a lot of pressure to conform, and then suddenly you are supposed to shine.

The stigma behind mental illnesses and the lack of awareness behind serious issues such as depression and anxiety. Many teens who suffer from these illnesses are left feeling helpless and like there’s something wrong with them.

We are growing up in a time where there is a lot of division in our country, and an inability to work together and compromise.

We are afraid to share our actual beliefs because we don’t want to receive hate.

The biggest challenge facing my age group is our inability to be heard.

Give Us a Day

What can we do in a day? We can create confidence in young people. We can challenge them, trust them, support them and help them understand who they are in a safe, supportive environment. A day of Launch’s youth leadership services costs $100. We’re asking you to give us a day by donating $100 and empower a young person in your community — and the end of the year is the perfect time to give.

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